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MGO 100 (silver) With a methylglyoxal (MGO) concentration of 100 mg/kg

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MGO 250 Delicious with teas, this honey not only provides an intense flavor, but also helps with colds and mucus.

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MGO 400 This strong, and at times bitter Manuka honey is appreciated by connoisseurs and feared by pathogens.

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MGO 800 White flowers lie on the slopes, the wind cuts through rugged rock formations of the young mountains on the east coast.

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Due to intense research conducted in New Zealand and Germany alike, the active compound by the name of methylglyoxal was discovered in significantly higher amounts within Manuka honey compared to other types of honey. Methylglyoxal in combination with hydrogen peroxide likely holds the secret to the attributes that make Manuka honey truly so unique.

The broom-like shrub known by many as the tea tree has many names, and there are over 30 different types of tea tree. In New Zealand, we mainly differentiate between Manuka (Leptospermum Scoparium) and Kanuka (Kunzea Ericoidis). These two shrubs look similar at first sight; however, upon closer inspection, flowers and leaves can be told apart. In some areas of New Zealand, Kanuka is more prevalent than Manuka and vice versa…


The name Madhu has its origins in Sanskrit, one of the oldest written languages in the world, and means sweet or honey. Madhu to this day provides the base for many Indo-European words related to honey, such as mead, met, miel, medus, miod, just to name a few. Madhu is also the second name of the founder of Madhu Honey – Matthew Sri Madhusudana Pettersson. Thus, it was clear and obvious that we would market our honey under the name of Madhu Honey.

The appreciation for quality honey, good beekeeping practices, as well as a sound knowledge of product and its origin are what we seek to combine under the brand of Madhu Honey.

Madhu Honey is a lean company with passionate members. We believe that honey is only as good as all parties involved in the chain of production. Therefore, we work directly and in close relationship with the apiary and oversee transportation needs and warehousing ourselves. We also appoint IFS- and HACCP-certified and trusted quality packers within close proximity to where we are based. One only knows the honey if one knows the apiary, the region, and all the hands involved from source to packaging…