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About Madhu Honey

About Madhu Honey

A Magic Moment

It all began in September 2013 in a small studio apartment in New York. Matthew “Madhu” Petterson had just returned from a long journey to Thailand. Fall was in the air, and the afternoon sun hung low in the sky over the East Village, filling 1st Street and 1st Avenue with its warm light. With his hands full of luggage and a large trekking rucksack on his back, he entered the flat of his friend Shawn – and came to a sudden halt in the doorway, right in front of his eyes something incredible was happening. The sun was shining through the window onto the kitchen table, illuminating a huge crystal jar that was somehow managing to fill the entire room with bright golden yellow patterns. What was in this mysterious container?

Following the Honey

In spring 2014, only a few months after that enlightening moment in Shawn’s apartment, Matthew embarked on a new journey by joining an organic beekeeping farm in Germany. Driven by his curiosity and by the joy he found in his newly discovered passion he decided to continue his studies even through the winter months. He travelled to New Zealand where summer had just begun to learn more about bees and honey. There, not only did he get introduced to the unique honey originating from the flowers of the native Manuka tree, he also met fellow beekeeper Phil Vercoe. For weeks, the two of them worked side by side, and once again, it was a friendship that inspired him to take his next step. Thanks to Phil’s support, Matthew succeeded in importing Manuka honey to Germany after only his second beekeeping season in New Zealand.

"Bright as a sunflower."
"Garden sweet garden."

An Extraordinary Gift
The jar was filled with an amber-colored creamy substance, its natural radiance intensified by the glow of the afternoon sun. It was honey, and not just any honey! What Matthew was looking at was a full 25 kilos in a single jar. Where on earth does someone get so much honey in New York? And who had had the idea to bottle such an amount? It turned out that Shawn’s father had launched himself into beekeeping four years ago, and ever since was regularly sending jars of honey to his son. What an extraordinary gift! And as Matthew was blinking in the golden light, an idea started to form in his head.